These clips fool your Glowforge into thinking that the front flap is closed, allowing you to use larger or awkardly shaped material on your bed.

Clips come as a set of 2.


To Use:

1. Load the Glowforge UI so you can monitor in the top right of the screen where it says the lid is open. You want it to switch to "scanning", so you know you fooled it.

2. Take the clips and slide them over the lip of the lid. Each clip should sit roughly 1/2 inch from the rubber bumper. The LED lights will brighten - that means your Glowforge thinks the lid is closing. 

3. When the screen changes from "Lid Open" to "Scanning", you know you have the clips in the right spots!

4. Once you are done, simply slide the clips off and you can close it as usual.


**Please note, that using this does remove the safety feature that is protecting your eyes so ALWAYS wear Protective Glasses while using this product.

This also breaks the ventilation seal that vents the smoke out of the machine. This will allow the smoke and smell to enter the room. It is not usually too much unless you are working on a large project.

Glowforge Front Flap Magnetic Clips